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Blogging is hard……

Despite what folks might think, if you have a ‘normal’ job and run your own blog its hard thing to reliably do.
I thought the challenge of blogging each day for a month would be easy.  I thought prepare a few up front, write on some days, publish on others would work out but it didnt.  I make eight days then failed.  Real life got in the way and meant it got left.
Bit of a fail there for me……  however in the meantime I successfully passed my CISSP exam which is a big result for me.   Perhaps ill have to blog about that ……. 🙂
I’ll try and post at least once a month from now on !

Change of Platform

Having run this blog and others on Community Server for quite a while not,  I decided it was time for a change.
As this sites only used for blogs (no media, forums etc) there did not seem much point in continuing running the site on CS.  In addition, for some reason they have decided to remove support for running multiple ‘virtual’ CS sites within the same database.  Also I have issues with the stability, updates etc.  Hence moving this to WordPress.
Lets see how it goes……

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