Its been a long, long time since I blogged.  Lots changed and lots to update on.
One major thing is I finally bit the bullet and dropped Windows Mobile 10.  I was a long time user of W10M/8.1 Phone/8 Phone but I accepted fate and realised I am missing out on functionality, security, apps and tools. Whilst I still think Windows 10 is brilliant, I do use occasionally an Android tablet.  The flexability and app store is very impressive, plus there s no way i’m ever going back to Apple.
So having done some research a while back and nearly going for a Samsung Galaxy 8 (v v expensive) then being curious by OnePlus, I preordered a OnePlus Five.
If you don’t know about them, check them out at   Its bloody brilliant.
The OS is bang up to date, is fast and fluid.  No crapware on there and the camera is great.  Battery is brilliant, screen clear and nice and light.  Well designed and I must say I’m seriously impressed.   Ignore the crap about the ‘jelly effect’ as most of it comes from the fanboy sites and is hype over nothing.
More updates soon.