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Orange + iphone4 + 3G = pile of shit

I have been a loyal (?) customer of Oranges for over 15 years but am at the end of my tether with their network
I have an iPhone 4 and yes I know it’s a crap phone but why is there 3g network so bad. I am working in a ‘new’ town so would expect decent coverage but no. 3G lies like a cheap watch and is slower than manually setting GPRS, calls continually drop even when the phones showing 3 bars. The place I’m working for even uses Orange as a supplier for 3G and I’m not sure how they put it with the shoddyness.
I have the same issue at home but made even worse by continually swapping between Orange/T Mobile. Supposedly the result of their ‘everything everywhere’ initiative that feels like ‘nothing nowhere’
Take my advice. Leave or avoid Orange at all costs!!!!!


  1. Mate, tell me about it. I too have an ip4 and im on orange. The 3G service is shittingly shit. Sorry but no other way to describe it. Switching over to comedy network which is orange/Tmobile is even worse.
    I won’t be giving these 3G frauds my money next time

  2. Been with orange 2 years could not wait to port out did this last week ,phone not working with new sim told by orange needs to be unlocked £20.00 and 20 days to do .
    All I can say is very,very nasty people at orange stay away go

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